The USS Orleck will participate in "Museum Ship Weekend" on June 7th, 2014. Time of operation will be from 0000Z till 2359Z. "Z"ulu time is also known as Universal Coordinated Time, which used to be known as Greenwich Mean Time. Hams operating aboard Museum Ships (and maritime related museums) will operate Ham radios during this time to contact other museum ships, and ham stations around the world.

Operators aboard the Orleck will begin operations at 0000Z, which will be 7:00 pm local time, June 6. Operations can continue until 2359Z, or 6:59 pm June 7th. The Orleck will be operating both CW (morse code) and SSB (voice), on several frequencies, and possibly from two locations aboard the ship.

For more information about Museum Ship Weekend, please visit our link!