The following concerns the operations at the Orleck during the Museum Ships Weekend last month. Note that this does not list how many hams we shared contact with...which will be in the hundreds. 

Ham Radio Weekend Pic


George Carr II - wa5kbh Ham Radio Weekend Pic
George Carr III – KB5ILL
Kirby Comeaux - ki5ee
Doug Phelps - wb5oza
Sam Nelson - wa5vdm
Bill Fullerton – AF5HA
Gary Coriell - Ke5acr
Herb Fields - AE5YC
Ray cook kc5nad
Chris Fuselier - kf5nsa
Mike Moss - Af5me
Trinity Bays kf5yfd
Jayce Broussard – No call sign




In addition, we contacted 23 other ships during our operation that weekend. Here is a list of those ships that we contacted.

CALL Ships Ship Name
W4BPR 1 Alabama N1S 1 Nautilus SSN
NM1JY 1 Albacore NI4BK 1 North Carolina
K6AA 1 Angels Gate WA3BAT 1 Olympia
KS8B 1 City of Milwaukee VA2GNQ 1 Onondaga
KC8JMS 1 Col. James M Schoonmaker NA5DV 1 Texas
WW2IND 1 Indianapolis Memorial N2HTL 1 The Sullivans
NR4DL 1 Ingham K8V 1 Valley Camp
NJ2BB 1 Iowa N4WIS 1 Wisconsin
NB1CR 1 Joseph P Kennedy, Jr WA4USN 1 Yorktown
W5LEX 1 Lexington NB6GC 1 Hornet
WW2LST 1 LST 325
N8LST 1 LST-393
N6MSO 1 Lucid