September 15 marks the 69th anniversary of the commissioning of the U.S.S. Orleck. This recognizes the day the ship began serving her country. The importance of the 69th year, is the countdown to 70 which marks the end of World War II.The naval destroyer is helping young cadets learn the importance of serving their country. Cadets learned about the military, orders, and how to march.Sea Cadet Trenton Natali said, "i've always loved and wanted to be in the navy since I was three, just really cool to me. I want to get to the naval academy really bad so this is going to help me."Over the next year, they'll be counting down the days to the 70th anniversary with an even bigger ceremony and more events. The Orleck is currently located off of Enterprise Boulevard. It is open to the public Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday.